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Wine tastings at Palazzo di Varignana

Perfectly incorporated into the surrounding landscape.

Friday and Saturday from 5.30 pm

1 / 1.5 hours

Minimum 2 partecipants


About us…

Taste the wines and oils from Palazzo di Varignana accompanied by a selection of local produce in the new, picturesque Palazzo di Varignana winery.

Agrivar presents its new winery: 1,100 square meters built according to the principles of semi- subterranean architecture, made from natural materials representative of the local area, such as olive wood and red brick, perfectly incorporated into the surrounding landscape.

The tasting room is characterized by stylish design finishes and colors reminiscent of autumn foliage, where the view extends toward the terrace overlooking the spectacular vineyard currently being converted to organic production. As well as the native grape varieties, such as Sangiovese, Albana, Famoso, Malbo Gentile, and Pignoletto, you can find international varieties, such as Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, and Chardonnay.


Choose from the following:

- Extravirgin Olive Oil Tasting - € 15
- 2 glasses of your choice and local products - €17
- Complete range of 2 glasses of your choice and 2 extra Virgin olive Oil and local products- €25
- Complete range of 4 glasses plus 2 extra virgin olive oils and a rich selection of local produce and our own products - €35

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