Poderi dal Nespoli

Where is it?

Villa Rossi, 50 - Loc. Nespoli
47012 Civitella di Romagna

Poderi dal Nespoli


Almost a century ago, in 1929, in a part of Romagna between the Apennines and the sea, Attilio Ravaioli planted the rows of vines on the first vineyard he bought in the village of Nespoli, named Prugneto; this was followed by others, which are now part of the 110 hectares owned by the company.

The location is the Bidente Valley, which has territorial characteristics which are unique, almost magical, and the Sangiovese that is produced here is unique as well. The exposition of the vineyards and the geography of the valley, which keeps the vineyards well ventilated, contribute to a microclimate that is exceptionally ideal. The resulting wines - Sangiovese in particular - are its most authentic expression.

To our history and our land we can add our present, and the cutting edge technology used to move our company towards a successful future in the global market.

Argea S.P.A
Soledad Adriasola

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