Azienda Agricola Sereni Pierluigi

Where is it?

via Villabianca, 2871
41054 Marano sul Panaro

Azienda Agricola Sereni Pierluigi


The production facility is located at Marano, in the lovely Villabianca hills. 
In a rural setting of vineyards and olive groves, this zone is unaffected by industrial pollution. 
Here the changing weather and seasons continue to repeat the ancient pattern that has served for centuries to ensure the natural production and ageing of a wonderful balsamic vinegar. 
The sets of barrels made from different types of wood stand in lines in the building, which fits attractively into its natural surroundings.Hundreds of barrels, mainly small, wait year after year for the vintages of the Trebbiano Modenese and Lambrusco Grasparossa grapes grown in our own vineyards, which will then, after gentle pressing, pass straight on to the boiling process in the large boilers. 

Naturally, this brief description makes no mention of the vast experience in directing and overseeing the whole process on the part of the highly skilled people who work to produce this marvellous substance.

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