General terms and conditions of sale

Update of 1st March 2020

Customers and Users who purchase the Services offered for sale by magnetoUr on the website or other commercial channels through the booking system managed on behalf ofthe Emilia-Romagna Regional Enoteca, declare thatthey know and accept the following " General Terms and Conditions of Sale "hereinafter also" Terms ".

1. Definitions:

  1. Client / User: anyone, natural or legal person, who intends to conclude or stipulate a contract for the use of tourist products and / or services for sale by the booking system.

  2. Supplier or Partner: the company that makes the product and / or service available.

  3. Services: all goods and services offered through the booking system.

  4. Transaction: any operation carried out through the website that ends with the purchase by the Customer / User of a service and with the payment by the Customer / User of the price of the service itself.

  5. Registration: the operation that involves the release of authentication credentials (so-called identification codes) represented by a userid and a password that allow access(login) to the reserved area of the booking system in order to proceed with the purchase of services . Registration is done by filling in the relevant registration form online. At the end of the registration, the Customer / User receives the information for the processing of personal data in compliance with the Privacy legislation.


2. General terms and conditions of sale

  1. These General Conditions of Sale are binding for the Customer / User and govern access to the booking system and website as well as its use for the purchase of materials published by magnetoUr within the Seter system, managed by magnetoUr on behalf of the EmiliaRomagna Regional Enoteca.
  2. The prices are indicated in Euros and always include VAT.
  3. Only adults over 18 can be Customers / Users of the system.
  4. The times shown refer to the Rome time zone (GMT +1)
  5. magnetoUr sells tourist services and packages provided by its suppliers and / or designed by itself, in compliance with the Tourism Code and current regulations on tourism intermediation and marketing, to which reference should be made for anything not specified here
  6. Unless otherwise specified, magnetoUr acts exclusively as agent orreseller of the Supplier orthird parties and declines all responsibility for the adequacy and quality of the Service offered by the Supplier and / or for the consequences deriving from the Services the Customer / User has benefited.
  7. The purchase order of one or more Products/ Services on the site takes place by completing the relevant online "Order Form" (to be considered as a contractual proposal) and subsequentsending to magnetoUr. By sending the completed Form, the Customer / User declares (a) to have fully read, understood and accepted the "description of the Product / Service" offered by the supplier and (b) to unconditionally accept and undertake to comply with the Terms and the General Conditions of sale, as well as, where provided, the Terms and Conditions of sale and service applied by the Supplier; (c) to have carefully read and understood the cancellation terms; (d) to have read the Privacy Policy contained in the Order Form.
  8. Upon receipt of the Order Form, magnetoUrsendsthe Customer/ User via email to the addressindicated on the Form itself, an electronic ticket (voucher) with an indication of the methods and data necessary to use the purchased Service.
  9. For the purchase of the Services offered on the portal, the User can select one of the following payment methods: Credit / debit card or Paypal.
  10. All financial details (i.e. credit card number or validity date) are sent via encrypted protocol without third parties having access to them. These data will be used by magnetoUr to complete the procedure relating to the purchase of the Service, to make refunds in the event of cancellations and in accordance with the exercise of the right of withdrawal, to report cases of fraud to the competent authorities.
  11. Following receipt of the payment for the Service, magnetoUr will issue the invoice to the Customer in accordance with the laws in force.
  12. The Customer declares and guarantees to magnetoUr that the personal data provided during the order process (name, surname, email address, telephone number and payment details) are up-to-date, complete, accurate and truthful. The customer authorizes magnetoUr to verify the correctness of the personal data transmitted and any other information provided and undertakes to collaborate with magnetoUr during these checks.
  13. The Order Form is stored in the magnetoUr database for the time strictly necessary to process the order and in any case for the time required by law.
  14. To use the Services offered, the User must register. By registering, you can consult the summary and the status of your reservationsin the "User Log in - Request Tickets" section. By registering, the User declares to accept these Terms of Sale.
  15. The User has the duty to guard and keep confidential the credentials for access to the portal. In case of loss, theft or in case of suspected unauthorized access to their account by third parties, the User is required to promptly notify magnetoUr. Violation of these Contractual Terms authorizes magnetoUr to suspend or close the User's account at any time and without notice.
  16. At any time the Customer may deny or revoke the consent to be the recipient of direct marketing activities / tools and updates by magnetoUr in relation to products similar to those already purchased.
  17. In the event that the Customer / User does not show up in the place and date indicated, or arrives with a delay greater than 15 minutes from the start date of the Service, or ends the Service prematurely by his choice, he will not be entitled to any reimbursement.
  18. The Customer / User who intends to withdraw from the reservation made can do so by writing to After that, having carried out the appropriate checks and where the conditions are met, magnetoUr will proceed with the cancellation of the reservation and refund as indicated in point s. of the present document, notifying the User.
  19. The User who has communicated his withdrawal from the already confirmed booking, can be refunded as follows:
    • For the withdrawal communicated from 0 to 48 hours before the start of the service, no refund is due;

    • For the withdrawal communicated from 2 to 14 days before the date scheduled for the start of the Service, a refund of 25% of the price paid shown on the purchase voucher is due;

    • For the withdrawal communicated from 15 to 30 days before the date scheduled for the start of the service, a refund of 50% of the price paid shown on the purchase voucher is due;

    • For the withdrawal communicated more than 30 days before the date scheduled for the start of the service, a refund equal to 100% of the price paid shown on the purchase voucher is due.

      In any case, the refund will be calculated on the price paid net of transaction and commission costs (eg Paypal) which will be borne by the User.

  20. In turn, if the Supplier i) cancels the Service with less than 48 hours notice; ii) does not show up in the place and on the agreed date for the delivery of the purchased service; iii) provides a Service that differs from what is described on the site or other communication channels; the Customer will be required, through the complaint procedure described below, to inform magnetoUr, which will evaluate the case.

  21. The complaint, to be considered validly made, must be sent by the Customer to magnetoUr by email at no later than 24 (twenty-four) hours from the time scheduled for the start of the Service, and it must contain a clear indication of the non-fulfilment deemed to exist and an exhaustive description of the event.

  22. Once verified and confirmed the existence of a default by the Supplier, magnetoUr will propose to the Customer to choose between the following alternatives: (i) a reimbursement of the amount paid for the Service not received, according to the percentage determined case by case by magnetoUr taking into account the nature of the non-performance itself; (ii) for magnetoUr to do everything possible to find and / or book an alternative Service for the Customer that is equivalent in terms of duration, place, content and characteristics to the one not provided, of no lesser value. All decisions made by magnetoUr regarding the refund policy, including the amount itself, will be final and binding on the Customer.

  23. MagnetoUr reserves the right to make changes to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time, notifying the User by posting the changes on the website The use of the portal after the publication of the changes implies unreserved acceptance of the new Terms.

  24. In the event that any of the aforementioned conditions are declared invalid or unenforceable under current laws, the resulting invalid or unenforceable provision will be replaced by the valid and applicable provision required by law, while the remainder of the contract will remain in force at all effects between the parties.

  25. These General Terms and Conditions and disputes regarding the execution, interpretation and validity of this contract are subject to the jurisdiction of the Italian State and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Bologna, where the exclusive court of the Customer is not applicable.

  26. Pursuant to art. 14 of Regulation 524/2013, the Customer in the event of a dispute may file a complaint via the ODR platform of the European Union. The ODR platform constitutes an access point for registered Users who wish to settle disputes arising from sales contracts or online services out of court. For more information, the customer can contact magnetoUr.

  27. aa. For any additional information or clarification, the Customer / User can contact the Customer care unit at the following email address

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