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Created by the Emilia Romagna Regional Enoteca association, Enoturismo Emilia Romagna [literally Emilia Romagna Wine Tourism] is a project designed to bring together some of the best operators in the local wine and food tourism sector. The initiative aims to connect producers with people interesting in authentic experiences based around the produce of Emilia Romagna.

Active since 1970, the association is recognised by the Emilia Romagna regional authorities as “the best vehicle for the promotion of the region's wine in Italy and abroad”. The association pursues this aim by organising a wide range of initiatives designed to showcase the unique nature of the local area and its produce.

The Emilia Romagna Regional Enoteca currently has over 200 members including wineries, producers of balsamic vinegar and spirits, public entities, product protection consortium and sommelier associations. Over time, the association has grown into a key champion of the regional wine industry, while other wine regions have drawn inspiration from the model too.


Enoturismo Emilia Romagna will enable you to discover the region's wine industry, introducing you to the stories and people that have put Emilia Romagna’s wine on the map. You’ll be able to learn, taste and explore an extraordinary region, full of warmth and hospitality and an incredible variety of landscape, food and wine.

The website has been developed by Hoop Digital based on a project created for the Emilia Romagna Regional Enoteca by magnetoUr, a tourism consultancy company and specialist tour operator. As such, you can be assured of the professionalism and security of the experiences you’ll find on and across the other channels used to promote the region's tourist offering as a whole.

History, art, culture, landscape, traditions... and plenty of experiences to discover! Winery visits, wine tastings, food tours and much more besides, all with the delicacies of Emilia Romagna as the undisputed stars of the show.
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